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Fondu my heart

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Want to feel way too full, hot, sweaty and seriously happy? Step into my office. Or, the tiny hole in the wall heaven of fondu, Refuges des Fondus. This place is a good time. A really good time. For under 20 euros a person, you’ll have a full menu including wine (in a glass baby bottle, of course), house cocktail, appetizers, cheese or meat fondu (unless you’re with us, we can’t bare to choose between the two) and a canned fruit concoction for dessert. It rocks. And it’s always packed so we’re definitely not alone in this sentiment.

We first discovered this place on Valentine’s Day – we’re not really into traditional moments…we like to spice, or stink, things up a bit. Once we walked in we knew we’d become regulars. And that we have. When we had a visit from boy’s parents (and aunt and cousins…) we had to show them what keeps our kilos packing on. Mama Vasquez was quite surprised at climbing over the table to get into her spot but not quite as shocked as Papa Vasquez when he had to sip wine out of a baby bottle with class.

The night ended with a hike up the stairs of Sacre-Coeur. 200+ stairs. Umm hmm.

//Photos: Refuges des Fondus – rue des Trois Frères 75018



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