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We love Paris in the fall. There’s nothing quite like seeing the city turn to slush and snow. But summer is what made us fall in love with this city. Girl appreciates the heat a bit more than boy, but it’s sitting on the terrace with the sun shining, hanging out in the park with friends and the blue skies that really get us going. We’ve made it a habit to picnic our way through Paris each Sunday – it’s a good time to spend with pals, enjoy the sun and knock back a few bottles of crisp white wine (who’s judging?).

The problem we find is that the majority of parks prohibit sitting on the grass – one thing we’ve learned is that this city is all about looks – so it can get tricky finding new places to adventure. We have made the Jardin des Tuileries a home away from home. Though there are throngs of tourists passing through, chillaxin’ on the grass is only for the natives. And us natives-in-training.

//Photos: Jardin du Luxumberg, Jardin des Tuileries, rue de Louvre with our international gang Spring 2011



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