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Food and Wine

Sunday lunchin’

When combating a stomach flu, one of the first things they warn against is eating dairy, seafood and veggies. So, naturally, we ate all of those things. At once. It was a 4 day weekend in France and the weather was spot on – a hot 29+ degrees (we deal in Celsius here and have accepted that we’ll never know exactly what it is in Fahrenheit) and, as Murphy’s Law would have it, girl spent the weekend cooped up with all sorts of nastiness on the 7th floor with no air conditioning. (Insert Fergie’s “Glamorous” here). By Sunday, it was time to get out. And to Le Marais we did. We sat outside at Le Pick Clops and had one of the first solid meals of the weekend. For boy, it was a bulgar wheat salad with veggies and tandoori spice chicken, for girl it was a smoked salmon and spinach quiche. Yummm. Wine and sparkling water were added to the mix to fully enjoy the experience.

He needed to make sure there was no e coli poisoning by taking the first bite, of course. “Girl, I’m protecting you,” he said. Hmm.

Can you see the sign on the door? Bagels – 11.50 euros. How much do you appreciate your local Noah’s now?

//Photo: Sunday lunch Spring 2011 Le Pick Clops rue Vieille du Temple 5ème



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