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Le Square

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Celebrating a rare moment when boy has the night off, we headed over to Le Square – a little “resto” across the street from our apartment. A locals only kind of spot, we were definitely the only non-French in the place. Our idea of perfect. For months we have wondered how this place has managed to keep its customers quiet – it’s open late and has a full bar – but we finally figured it out: the restaurant goes deep into the building and is comprised mostly of a secluded outdoor paradise. For those who opt to sit inside, you’re in a “greenhouse” room, separated from the outside only by a thin wall of glass.

For starters, we shared a grilled asparagus with Parmesan cheese and a Bearnaise sauce – fyi, if you don’t like asparagus, don’t come to France in spring…it’s all about asparagus here. No meal can begin without a proper aperitif (a pre-dinner drink, usually on the sweeter side), so girl helped herself to a martini rouge and boy to a Quincy – a buttery white wine from Val de Loire.

Next came our plats  (another fyi, in French, an entrée is an appetizer and a plat is the entrée – as a popular saying goes “Why make things simple when you can make them complicated?”). The menu at Le Square is small but it packs a punch – boy indulged in a veal t-bone with a mushroom and white asparagus risotto, girl with a veal steak, spinach topped potatoes and roasted onions. Dinner drinks? This country has taught us the ever importance of wine pairing. Each part of the meal, nattturally, is paired with a different wine. God bless this country. For us, it was a glass of Morgon, a light, fruity red from Beaujolais.

Now, our intention, of course, was to share a photo of our dessert…but that didn’t really happen. As soon as it came out, our mouths were watering and our spoons were in hand. So you can see the leftovers…or lack thereof. For boy – who might we say, is completely unoriginal when it comes to desserts – got the mouelleux chocolat, a warm chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate center, and girl, a “Le Square” twist on the classic creme brûlée.

//Photos: June 2011 Le Square rue Marcadet 18ème



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