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The look of luxury: Versailles

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It is now crystal clear why there was a French Revolution. Crystal clear. Approaching the shiny gold gates of Versailles we knew we were in for a serious slice of history. Each room, each view had it’s own story to tell, or many. Wandering around the palace for a few hours and digesting fact after fact with the audio guide was sensory overload (especially for girl who spent half the time day dreaming she lived there).

With sore feet and historical intoxication, we needed a drink. Moving on to the famous Versailles gardens, we found ourselves a secluded spot in one of the corners of the mazes that line either side of the gardens and had a hearty picnic. Before going into the palace we stopped at a beautiful market in Versailles and picked up some delish cheese, wine and olives. Oh, and some La Durée macaroons. Just to get into the mood, of course. Soaking up the sun and the solitude, we over heard the music that livens up Versailles in the summer. Starting in May, the gardens are filled with the sounds of classical music and the fountains set off in a truly impressive sight.

We finished off the day with a bike ride around the property and a stop at Marie Antoinette’s garden house…and feeling like we could’ve stayed happily lost in those gardens forever.

//Photos: Family times at Versailles May 2011



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