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Okay, we’ll come out and just say it: the Eiffel Tower is ugly. It’s a huge mass of brown metal that is plopped right in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. But as much as we’d like to hate on it, it must be said that it is equally extraordinary. It is a symbol of Paris that you can see from practically anywhere in the city and that never fails to give your heart that extra little jump, “yes, I am in Paris!” Standing under it’s massive legs or atop the zillion stairs, you can’t help but grin a little bit at how remarkable this ugly tower actually is. Paris actually seems to become even more outstanding when you’re at the Eiffel Tower. Boy’s dad, a buff for all things architectural, took some photos from the Tour while he was visiting and looking through them is a little reminder, as if we needed one, as to why we love this city.

//Photos: May 2011 Eiffel Tower



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