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Impromptu lunch date success

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To describe the weather in Paris this summer is simple: horrible. After a few hot and fantastic summers with temperatures resting happily in the high 20s, Paris has decided to take a break. Much to the dismay of girl, may we add. Paris has been playing a game of peek-a-boo, the sun comes out and suddenly your hopes start getting high, then, as fast as it came, it’s gone. Maybe rain, hard rain, replaces it. California, we miss you.

But today lady luck shone on us and we enjoyed a full lunch in the sunshine. Having some time off between classes we rushed to test out a new Mexican resto boy found in the 2ème. This is not where lady luck showed herself…Rice and Bean’s – yes, that’s its name – was closed. Like everything else in Paris in August, of course. Not to have our parade rained on, we headed over to rue Montorgueil, one of our favorite streets in Paris, to check out Au Rocher de Cancale. We’ve passed by a million times, marveled at the massive sculptures they call hamburgers and finally decided to give it a go. Best decision of the week. Hands. Down.

Indulging in true French fashion, we ate heavy for lunch. No California-centric salad for this girl today, oh no. Steak. Rumsteak in a light pepper sauce and potatoes. Also known as a delicious taste bud explosion. Steak and fries is nothing new but this was. Boy stayed true and ordered one of the biggest burgers we’ve ever seen. And we’re American! To knock it all back, we shared a café gourmand (not pictured, as girl couldn’t wait to dig into the mousse – chocolate mousse, can you blame her?). If you don’t know about this wonderful finale, a café gourmand is an espresso served with some type of little chocolate-y dessert. For us, it was a cannelle, chocolate mousse and a vanilla macaroon. Total success.

//Photos: Aug 19 2011 Impromptu lunch date at Au Rocher de Cancale 78 rue Montorgueil 75002



One thought on “Impromptu lunch date success

  1. The California weather is no better this year! We’ve had June gloom all summer and it’s a warm 50 degrees F right now at noon. 😦 Stay in Paris!!!

    Posted by Shari | August 19, 2011, 19:00

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