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Madame Grès – Musée Bourdelle

When moving to Paris we imagined that we would be traveling all the time, visiting cities and finding hidden treasures all over Europe. After all, it’s so easy to do that here. But what we didn’t account for was that Paris, in itself, is full of little gems tucked away, waiting to be seen by the unlikely passerby. We’ve traveled to Paris before, thought we’d seen most all we could see, but man, were we wrong. Everyday we see something new and exciting. A new cafe, an exhibit or cool street art…always something.

This does two things: 1) (slightly) diminishes the burning desire to travel Europe and 2) totally overwhelms you. How many photos of posters for museum exhibitions, free concerts and cute restaurants can we possible have in our phones?! (Do you do that, too? Take pictures so you don’t forget?)

It has been 10 months and we are finally trying to get our act together. Knock out some of those things we’ve been wanting to do. Girl has been dying to see the Madame Grès exhibit at Musée Bourdelle and the pressure is on – it closes August 28! The exhibition displays over 80 designs by Madame Grès, a “sculptor” of couture, whose work has made a lasting impact on chic minimalism in fashion.

//Photo: Paris.fr Madame Grès: la couture à l’oeuvre Musée Bourdelle Paris 2011




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