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Carbs, caffeine and carbs

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Between the lightning storms and heat waves, enjoying the outdoors in Paris has been risky. With mild temperatures this morning, boy decided we should visit a little breakfast place in Montmartre he tested out with his dad during the family visit. It was a nice treat to take a walk around our neighborhood before the it started bustling with tourists. We sat down at Le Sabot Rouge in the middle of the artists square in Montmartre. Now, it must be said that “going to brunch” is not the omelette stand, fruit bar and all you can eat french toast Sunday experience we’re all used to in the US. Though things are changing, especially in touristy areas, a typical restaurant style petit dej consists of carbs, caffeine and carbs (also known as croissant, toast – because you need both – coffee or tea and oj). But hey, we’re not complaining!

While eating, the area started coming alive with visitors taking pleasure in the beautiful sites of the hill. Montmartre is one of our favorite areas in all of Paris and it’s always a pleasure to sit and people watch!

//Photos Le Sabot Rouge 13 Place du Tertre 75018 28 August 2011



3 thoughts on “Carbs, caffeine and carbs

  1. Oh to be drinking coffee in Paris…am going to get a bowl of cereal round the bad end of Edgware Road. This post has made me VERY jealous! Keep writing so I can live vicariously!

    Posted by rachsmith | September 23, 2011, 08:38


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