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An afternoon at Musée Bourdelle

Following breakfast in Montmartre yesterday, girl decided to introduce boy to a little lesson in French fashion history. Of course he just loves it when she does this. We headed over to Musée Bourdelle, former home of French painter and sculptor, Antoine Bourdelle, to see the Madame Grès exhibit. The exhibit took on an interesting form as the pieces were scattered throughout the museum and mixed amongst Bourdelle’s original works. Germaine Émilie Krebs, the woman behind Madame Grès, often compared working with fabrics in the same way one would carve a sculpture out of stone, making this somewhat contradictory placement all the more interesting.

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We walked through the exhibit and marveled at both the delicate Grecian pleats of Grès’ dresses and the rigid and often dark pieces from Bourdelle’s collection. The exhibit also displayed original sketches and photographs that highlighted the the shift in design throughout the changing times.

Though the exhibit was the the star of the trip, the museum itself was a sight to see. A small and somewhat secret treat hidden away in the middle of the 15ème arrondissement, Musée Bourdelle is a little glimpse into Parisian history and is a perfect getaway when looking for a bit of peace and quiet.

// Photos: Musée Bourdelle Madame Grès 29 August 2011



One thought on “An afternoon at Musée Bourdelle

  1. I love living vicariously through you!! Thanks for all the pics.

    Posted by Shari | August 29, 2011, 22:47

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