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Market slimdown: back to basics

Confession I: girl is a recent vegetable eater. This fact has caused a lot of grief over the years. “You don’t eat carrots? But everyone eats carrots!” After meeting an inspiring Southern belle of a vegetarian, girl decided to give it a try…for 40 straight days. Aka: no meat. Confession II: in the boy-girl house, meat is life. This was a serious challenge.

Two years later and a lot of experimenting, girl is a born-again vegetable eater. It’s amazing! Though, girl wasn’t the only one with a veggie problem. Boy, who’s palate will accept just about anything, is also a bit finicky about certain veggies – of course the only ones girl liked. Confession III: living in France has turned both of us awry. Pain au chocolat, fromage de Saint Marcellin and les vins d’Alscace have taken over both mind and mid-section.

In our search for a gym, we’ve decided to get our eating back on track. Despite the stabs the US receives about its diet habits, we’ve found it much easier to eat a healthy, balanced meal in California than in Paris. One thing Paris does offer in our new quest is a plethora of outdoor markets that are just as appealing to the waistline as they are to the eye. Each market has its own flair, its own personality, so finding the one just right for you can be an entertaining adventure.

Some of our favorites:

Eating on the cheap – Marché Barbes: Wednesdays and Saturdays,  open air market under Barbes metro station – Metro Barbes Rochechouart. Side note: leave all valuables at home when visiting this market – it’s packed and can be difficult to keep an eye on belongings.

Get in, get out – Marché Ordener: Wednesdays and Saturdays, small open air market along rue Ordener – Metro Guy Moquet or Lamarck Caulaincourt.

Picturesque and relaxed – Marché Ledru-Rollin: Thursdays and Saturdays, part high scale indoor market, part outdoor with both organic and regular produce tucked away near the Bastille with lots of little cafes around to relax after shopping – Metro Bastille or Gare de Lyon.

A little trip outside of Paris – Marché Houilles-Carrieres sur Seine: Wednesdays and Saturdays, part indoor, part outdoor market with classic crepe stand, home goods and toiletries – RER A or SNCF Houilles-Carrieres sur Seine.

A taste of luxury – Marché Halles Notre Dame in Versailles: Tuesdays – Sunday, gorgeous outdoor market featuring a wide array of cheeses, fois gras, produce and flowers – SNCF Rive Droite.

//Photos: Marché Halles Notre Dame, Marché Barbes 2011



One thought on “Market slimdown: back to basics

  1. All this walking around for stuff sounds exhausting! Give me a Costco or Safeway anyday for my one-stop needs!

    Posted by Tankini | September 6, 2011, 05:10

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