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Spice up your life!

France is the Godfather of gastronomy. It’s an age-old fact, so there’s not much need to delve into that right now. What we want to discuss is Mexican food – a favorite subject of ours. There are new Mexican restaurants popping up all over, most are over priced, the rest are a sad, spice-less comparison to what we can get for three dollars at home.  Normally boy’s mother sends us spices and ingredients via post (yes, that makes our chile verde a bit pricey) so that he can curb our cravings with some homemade abuela cooking. But we’re not giving up hope! We faithfully try all Mexican spots we hear about – a list is sure to come soon – in search of something to help keep our tongues on fire and our hearts not so home sick.

In celebration of El Grito de la Independencia (the real Mexican Independence Day), girl will be venturing over to Itacate next week to test out the best and spiciest they have to offer! Stay tuned!

//Photo: David Lebovitz shares his take on Mexican dining in Paris

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4 thoughts on “Spice up your life!

  1. Miss you!! Hope all is well. Say hi to Rudy for me!

    Posted by Morgan O'Leary | September 6, 2011, 21:00
  2. Spice-less Mexican food? I didn’t know what that is.

    Posted by tankini | September 7, 2011, 20:51


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