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Get a grip…on your bag

When you live in Paris, there are a few things you have to accept: personal space is a foreign concept, body odor will take over nasal passages and pick-pockets are a threat to be aware of. We could go on forever about the first two – really, the RER A smells like rotten eggs – but it’s the latter we’re going to address. Any good traveler who’s read the handbooks will tell you that Paris is home to some of the world’s finest pick-pockets, but so long as you keep your head up and bag close (and closed) you should be a-okay.

Well, as girl experienced tonight, sometimes preparedness doesn’t really work. Ultra-fast reflexes and a few bad words can help though.* Coming home on the M13, as the crowd was pushing on the train, girl saw out of the corner of her eye that her bag had been opened and a man standing next to her was holding her Navigo (monthly metro pass) and some of the contents of her purse. Without much thought, she yelled and snatched her things back.** Having been caught, the man hopped onto another car with his teammate to try his luck on some other passengers. Purse closed and carefully guarded by her arm, even the most cautious can be victims of pick-pocketing. Now, we’re aware of the sense of drama we’re evoking, but not only is this something that does happen regularly, it’s a pretty bad way to ruin a vacation in the city of love. Lesson? Be careful, be attentive and avoid carrying valuables if possible. Paris is a wonderful city, but like all big cities, there are a few precautions to take.

* and ** are not recommended ways of dealing with such a situation – but hey, in a moment of panic, you do what you can.

//Photo Tommy Ton – fashion photographer extraordinaire



2 thoughts on “Get a grip…on your bag

  1. yep…i’m super careful and never get pickpocketed…until a few weeks ago. Had wallet when i got on the metro. After metro ride, no wallet in my bag. And, i have no idea how it happened without me noticing anything, but it did….

    Posted by forest (@52martinis) | September 8, 2011, 08:50

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