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Chez Moi or Chez Toi?

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When we first moved to Paris, we sort of went back in time. We didn’t have cell phones for a few months, no toilet for 5 weeks (but that’s a whole other story) and no heating. Obviously the toilet was the worst. But despite our lack of some modern necessities, we found it quite liberating. It was nice to have to make proper plans with friends, none of that “I’ll Facebook you later” or “text me when you get there” business. Nope. We had some old school business going on. Eventually we integrated back into normal life, got phones, finally got our local plumbers to sort out a serious issue in our building and bought super thick socks. Today we channeled back a little bit and celebrated a friend’s birthday at Chez Moi, a little quiche joint with no sign, no website, not even a business card.

Jean-Luc, the owner, fixed us up with some homemade raisin bread, big “everything but the kitchen sink” salads filled with roasted tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini and bananas. Yes, it was ba-na-na-s! Followed up by three different quiches – tomatoes with zucchini, dried raisins and onions, banana and bacon – that were surprisingly light and full of flavor. To finish off, he served up little plates of chocolate cake and 5 fruit crumble. The desserts didn’t make it in any photos…they were just too good to wait!

Chez Moi had the perfect vibe for a Sunday afternoon – it was homey, welcoming and totally delicious! You really do feel…at home!

//Photos: 11 Sept 2011 Chez Moi 1 rue Saint Ambroise 75011



One thought on “Chez Moi or Chez Toi?

  1. Abnormally well written piece of writing

    Posted by robenszelte | October 11, 2011, 02:03

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