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Itacate – a Mexican food review

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First things first, apologies for the horrible photo quality. The lighting in Itacate wasn’t very camera-friendly. Now on to more important things – Mexican food. As we’ve mentioned before, we are on the hunt for some quality Mexican eats in Paris. We’ve read review after review raving about numerous Mexican restaurants around the city and have been disappointed. Now, we’ll admit that we’re pretty picky when it comes to getting a good taco and spicy salsa and have yet found something that can curb our cravings for a Gordo’s steak quesadilla or Grandma Emma’s Chile Verde (girl’s taste bud’s are tingling) but tasting our way through the mass of emerging restaurants in Paris has been a fun adventure. Last week, girl enjoyed a meal with some friends at Itacate and sampled everything she could – Sol, guacamole, al pastor and chorizo quesadillas (two separate ones, yes…), al pastor tacos and a pastel de tres leches cake for dessert. That is what happens when someone is deprived!

Itacate was definitely a step up from some of the other places we’ve tried (where they microwaved our quesadillas – which were filled with canned cheese, by the way). Everything tasted fresh and the prices were reasonable by Paris standards. They offered four different types of salsa and chunky guacamole and a range of Mexican beers. Overall, it was a fun time, and definitely worth a try if you’re not as finicky as we are 😉

//Photos: Itacate 15 Sept 2011 94 rue Saint-Honoré 75002



2 thoughts on “Itacate – a Mexican food review

  1. “if you’re not as finicky as we are”…..hhhmmmm. I take that to mean you’re still not satisfied? Just have boy make some good homemade mexican for you and your local family 🙂

    Posted by Rittner | September 20, 2011, 19:24
  2. Nothing tops Grandma Emma’s food – period 🙂 Glad you found a good place!

    Posted by Gene Rosenthal | September 22, 2011, 15:21

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