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Bike your way through Paris!

One of the quintessential images we get in our minds when we think of Paris is bicycles. A cute girl on a bike with a baguette hanging out of a basket…doesn’t it just shout Paris? And to top it off, it exists! Once you really start to develop an understanding of a place, the facade wears out and you begin to see things as they really are. This has happened to us many times here in Paris and sometimes causes disappointment. Yet, when it comes to bicycles, this image is nothing but true! Everyday we see Parisians in suits and stilettos zooming from one place to another, weaving between cars, all while looking effortlessly chic.

This is not the case when girl gets on a bike. Danger signs ought to be made to keep cars safe from her wobbly ride.

Thankfully, this weekend, she and a million others will get to have their moment on Parisian streets. La Velibienne is taking place for the second time this year and opens the streets to cyclists in order to safely enjoy the sights of the city together. Starting at 14h at Place de la Bastille and ending at le Champs de Mars, this Sunday will be a treat for visitors and locals alike!

Photo: Garance Doré



One thought on “Bike your way through Paris!

  1. I look just like that girl when I “bike” through Paris too! But MY basket ALWAYS has fresh flowers inside.

    Posted by Rittner | September 23, 2011, 16:32

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