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Silk, spice and everything nice

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We’re about to make a bold statement. We’ve just had our best meal in Paris – ever. Seriously. Tuesday evening we decided to try out a restaurant that boy spotted walking to work and it was the best, most unexpected surprise! From the outside Silk and Spice looks like many other chic Thai restaurants in Paris or San Francisco – dark wood, upscale decor, modern Asian flare. Inside, the space is cozy and intimate with a nice ambiance. The menu featured the same dishes we’ve had at home and, to be honest, we weren’t expected marvels. As with our Mexican food adventures, we’ve been disappointed every time we searched for something like home. Is it normal to search for “home” when you wanted to try something new?

While munching on the sweet chickpeas (or nuts, we can’t figure out what they were) we decided on the entrée + plat + dessert formula so that we could sample a bit of everything. For starters, girl picked the Tom Yam Koong – a spicy shrimp and mushroom soup, boy had the Miang Hoï, fried scallops topped with a mango and carrot salad. Let’s just say, bite one had us sold. We knew at that moment things were about to get delicious. Sooo delicious. Next came our main plates, Kang Kaï for boy – yellow curry chicken, and Phad Thai Koong Sod for girl. The dishes we chose are quite staple items in Thai cuisine and one’s that we’ve adored over and over again at home, so we figure it was a pretty good way to base our opinions. By the end of our main course we were stuffed (“doggie bags” are a forbidden concept in Paris) and were about to pass on dessert until girl spotted coconut rice and mangoes. Oh. My. Since childhood, girl has shared this dessert with her Mama at nearly every Thai family outing.

The evening was a total success and has had us thinking about going back non-stop. Looks like we’ve found a new fav!

//Photos: 20 Sept 2011 Silk and Spice 6 rue Mandar Paris 75002



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    Posted by Rittner | September 23, 2011, 16:31

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