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Fall brings comfort food

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What do you do when your food is so good you just want more? Order another one. Well, at least that’s what the guy next to us did. After our taste bud explosion at Silk and Spice we were craving more comfort food and decided to try out a new pizza place – boy’s all time favorite food. Girl was starving and would’ve eaten her left leg if she didn’t need it to climb down the hill from Montmartre. We had a bunch of places in mind to try out but during a little after work apéro on rue des Abbesses we spotted La Focaccia, an empty Italian restaurant with good prices and a big menu. Eyes as hungry as our belly’s, we decided to share a spicy salami pizza and a meaty lasagna.

An hour and a half later, our belly’s were full of food and our mind’s full of guilt. After all, we have mentioned before that after a year of baguettes and butter, we’re trying to get back on track. Oh, but let’s not dwell on that now…talking about pizza is so much more entertaining. We were definitely happy with the meal and the service. So was the guy next to us – really. He ordered two lasagna’s back to back. We love food but we’ve never seen that before! It definitely gave boy some ideas…

//Photos: 21 Sept 2011 La Focaccia 10 rue Joseph Maistre 75018



One thought on “Fall brings comfort food

  1. A second helping is the best compliment. I can appreciate that and have ordered back to back myself…um I think you were there.

    Posted by Tankini | October 3, 2011, 11:50

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