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Cerles de la forme

We finally buckled down and joined a gym. As we said before, we’ve had a difficult time finding a healthy balance this past year. Girl has a hereditary sweet tooth – if she blames it on someone else, it’s not as bad right? – and boy loves heavy foods covered in cheese, with some duck and a side of cheese. France is the best place to indulge in these things, but the problem truly lies in the fact that we’re capable of making most of these same dishes at home.

For our gym – or home away from home, as gyms here cost loads – we picked Cercles de la Forme. We tested out a few places and decided that this gym was the best for our buck. They have 7 locations and offer a large array of group classes so that girl won’t get terribly bored. This weekend they’re having a special event to let the public try out some of the classes they have to offer. They’ll have spin (so you can get your inner Armstrong on), martial arts, dance and many others as well as classes for kids. It’s 5 euros and requires an appointment, so it’s better not to wait on it! We’ll be checking out some of the classes Saturday morning, so make sure to say hi!

//Photo: The Atlantic



2 thoughts on “Cerles de la forme

  1. Geez, this is making me hungry, cheese cake anyone?

    Posted by Tankini | October 3, 2011, 12:08


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