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Technology on hold

Boy and girl are officially going back in time. When we arrived to Paris we lived a while without some basic needs but this time, it’s out of our hands. We went this afternoon to set up a new account for our internet/cable provider and things were going surprisingly well. They didn’t ask us for mountains of paperwork (until you deal with French bureaucracy, you will not understand the extent we mean by mountains), they were okay that we didn’t have our RIB (bank docs) and even behaved friendly at our lack of internet service vocabulary. But nothing comes without a catch, right?

“Okay, when can our installation man stop by? The 20th? 21st?” Yes, she meant October. We won’t be able to waste hours away on the computer or “practice our French” watching tv for the next three weeks. At this question, boy and girl looked straight at each other, jaws dropped and laughed. What on earth will we do?

//Photo: Deb



4 thoughts on “Technology on hold

  1. That’s strange,
    if your appartment is already connected to any telephone company network (which is probably the case) you should receive your router in 2 weeks, plug it in and be connected….
    And they didnt ask for a RIB??? That’s strange too, they usually always ask for one. That and a copy of your ID is usually the only thing you need to get an Internet connection…

    Posted by sim | September 30, 2011, 16:03
    • You’re right! It was really strange how simple the process was. They asked for a RIB but as we didn’t have one on hand, they just asked for a debt card and ID. They did mention that we may need to send one in at a later date should it not “connect automatically” to the bank.

      Posted by wemeetparis | September 30, 2011, 18:42
  2. Haha…well USPS could really use some revenue right now. How much are stamps again?

    Posted by Tankini | October 3, 2011, 12:26


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