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Good Times

Be careful what you ask for

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We asked for some spice in our lives…and we got it. But not the way we expected.

First, we must say that we’re the luckiest couple ever. Our families nurture our cravings for home and love of Target. They kept us warm in the winter by sending flannel pj’s and sweatshirts and they make sure we don’t go too long without Trader Joe’s dried mangoes or real oatmeal. Girl is serious about her oatmeal and French oatmeal, in comparison, is just…skinny? Quelle surprise. The other day we were heading out to the gym when we spotted a Home Depot box at the concierge…there aren’t any Home Depots here…that must mean…YAY! We got a package, we got a package, we got a package, hey hey hey hey! Like kids, or people without internet connection, we ran upstairs and ripped the box open!

Bad idea. Like some kind of bomb, chilli powder exploded out of the box and pelted seeds across the entire apartment. Girl started laughing until she realized she couldn’t breathe and her nose was burning…oh, and when boy was legitimately blinded. Yeah, he wasn’t a happy camper when girl busted out the camera to capture the moment despite her coughing through the “pepper spray.” Well, thanks to some Visine from a previous package, boy recovered and grabbed some stunna shades to proceed with the package.

The contents of this treasure box? Girl’s new running shoes (hey, they’re expensive in Paris!), oatmeal in Ziploc bags (you’ll understand how exciting this is when you see the horrible sandwich bags goin’ on here), different kinds of chilli (hello enchiladas!), boy’s running watch, a Halloween decoration, delish health bars from the Food Mill, a family DVD from when boy’s parents visited, NyQuil and Libby’s canned pumpkin! Okay, you’re probably rolling your eyes at this point, but canned pumpkin is $11 a can here! In-san-ity!

What would you ask for if you received a package from home?

//Photos: September 2011 Spice explosion



3 thoughts on “Be careful what you ask for

  1. Neosporin no pain ointment for sure.

    Posted by Rittner | October 12, 2011, 06:37
  2. fun – love care packages from the US. I usually have people bring me brown lunch bags (i don’t know why – i just like to have them around), kraft mac’n’cheese, beef jerky. And, I always buy my running shoes in the US – because they ARE expensive here!

    Posted by forest (@52martinis) | October 21, 2011, 08:38
    • ahh mac n cheese! we went to see a movie at MK2 Bibliothèque and they sold Kraft for 7 euros! It was insane! No Safeway 10 for a dollar business! Haha.

      Posted by wemeetparis | October 21, 2011, 12:05

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