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Sayonara summer!

The cold season has officially started. Okay, so this photo is from last year, but we’re sure this is just around the corner. Coming from the Bay Area, we never really had real seasons – both summer and winter can be quite moderate – but in Paris, the seasons change faster than Speedy Gonzales. We swear, wasn’t it hot two weeks ago? Because we’re officially freezing now. Most Parisians we’ve asked have said that the current temp is nothing special, that the worst is yet to come, but for boy and girl, this is California’s December. We’re cold.

We were completely caught off guard last winter and were certain that we’d be well acclimated by now. So wrong. We’ve been blindsided by the chill and are frantically on the search for (cute) winter boots and wool coats!

//Photo: Our apartment view December 2010



2 thoughts on “Sayonara summer!

  1. Hi Babies,

    I’ve been there in January and February. En hiver, i’l fait tres froid et il neige aussi. Whew! Okay, hope you have warm winter coats and boots,. Talk about how fast the weather changes, it took only a few hours from afternoon to sunset to change from summer (80 degrees) to fall weather (57 degrees) here in Buna, TX. And the lovebugs and other undersirable winged multi-genetic bugs seemed to have migrated but there are still mosquitoes. I was talking to Alex Friday evening. He saw a “big, big, truck” and asked if he wanted me to get him a truck; he said “how about a car, a big, big car!” I asked what color, he said, “blue!” Then he closed by saying, “Mama, my birthday is on Saturday, bye.” Your Mom said she has no idea how Alex connects the concepts but she did not coach him. Yes, he will be 3 years old on Monday the 24th. Love, Mama

    Posted by Mama | October 22, 2011, 19:45


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