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Good Times

(Un)productivity at it’s finest

We had plans, ambitious plans for all the things we wanted to do this weekend. Two trips to the gym, going dancing with friends, a long run in the Bois de Boulogne, the Salon du Chocolat and some shopping all made an appearance on the list. Can you guess what was accomplished? Only the little bit of shopping…and that was only because girl’s hands were literally going to fall off if she didn’t buy some gloves.

The rest of the weekend? We’ve spent between kitchen and bed – eating and watching crap tv, rinse and repeat. The sniffles have worked their way through just about everyone girl knows and with boy on the brink, we thought it best to just avoid it all together and hibernate. We don’t sound lame, right? Plus, with France losing the Rugby World Cup, we figure we didn’t really miss out on anything…

//Photo: 2011



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