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Can you Thriller?

We would definitely consider ourselves family people – coming from big, loud and more than often crazy families, we really appreciate the holidays and the chaos that surrounds them. When the fall holidays come rolling around boy typically finds himself hiding out in the garage with his dad so he can avoid helping hang decorations and girl is worked up in a self-induced frenzy of costumes and wrapping paper. But out of all the holidays in the year, Halloween is the one that girl loves the most. For boy it means dealing with excessive amounts of fake cobwebs and battling girl on her latest costume idea. For girl? The traditional Halloween party she’s had since kingergarten, Milk Duds, an excuse to dress as a shower (yes, she did that) and April Fool’s Day. And don’t forget trips to the corn maze, carving pumpkins – boy’s are always better – and last minute drives to Spirit because we’ve forgotten something totally necessary, of course.

Girl greatly underestimated how much she would miss Halloween when moving to Paris and suffers from some serious jealousy at all the talk of Halloween prep. Searching for just about anything to give her the same goosebumps as putting on the “Halloween Sounds” cd (hence the Dracula-fest the other day), this “Thriller” light show pretty much rocks her world. Enjoy, but be careful…it’s addicting!

//Video: Halloween Light Show Thriller 2010 HD



2 thoughts on “Can you Thriller?

  1. I”m with you. i miss all the halloween fun. i can’t seem to find any pumpkins so may be carving a butternut squash this weekend! 😉

    Posted by forest | October 28, 2011, 16:04


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