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Drugstore love letter

Dear RiteAid, Longs, CVS and every drugstore in America,

We have greatly underestimated our appreciation for you. The countless nights you’ve been there when we were craving a box of cereal, forgot to pick up a handle of vodka for a party or had the stomach flu and needed major doses of Sudafed and Tylenol – we apologize for not realizing how much we love you sooner. The cheap Christmas decorations, the clothing section that dolled us up for the Bay to Breakers, the fishing gear and never-ending shampoo aisle – we so greatly appreciate your convenience. The shady characters that roam the floors past midnight and the soccer moms that fill up the lines while reading Us Weekly – we miss you.

You may be wondering what propelled us into this need to express our love for you and we’re happy to tell you why. Yesterday was Halloween, the best holiday of the year, and we were, unfortunately, in the rut of putting our costumes together at the last minute. Amidst the creative fervor trying to pick out the proper hats and balloons (don’t worry, this will later be explained), we could’ve never imagined the one thing that would be difficult to find would be safety pins. Ten minutes of pulling together the costume garments, an hour and a half hunting down des épingles à nourrice. Two metro stops, 6 stores and unmeasurable frustration later, we found what we were looking for. In boy fashion, we’re trying to see the positive side of this experience and we have found it in you, dear drugstore. Though we’re quick to criticize all of the things we hate about America, you have reminded us that there are some things that we just absolutely love. We are anxious to come home and to pay hommage to you (and girl’s church, Target, of course).

Your faithful shoppers,

girl and boy.



One thought on “Drugstore love letter

  1. Walgreens saved me this Halloween when I needed safety pins!

    Posted by Cat | November 1, 2011, 20:22

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