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Pet peeve #7542

Being pushed off the train…when the doors haven’t even opened yet.

Anyone who has lived or spent any sizable amount of time in Paris knows exactly what we mean. You’re on the train, it smells like rotten eggs even though it’s 8am, your face is probably in someone’s armpit, there is no where to go and finally, you’re pulling into the next station. You’re feeling a tad of relief, “Thank God, the doors will soon open and I can get some fresh air!” Yeah right. The pushing starts. People telling you to open the door, to move because they’re going to get off at this station…but the train hasn’t even stopped yet and you can’t physically open the door anyways (because your hand is probably stuck in between two old ladies with countless shopping bags).

We live on the line 13 – with over 600,000 passengers daily, it is one of the most impacted rides in Paris. When people ask what train you take and you say “13” they look at you with a mix of pity and horror. Nice. It is definitely a rough way to start the morning and no amount of Yogic stretching or mediation can get you through the commute without irritation. Trust us, we’ve tried.

//Photo: nationspresse



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