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What happens when you visit the doc in France

After days of garlic, ginger and old family remedies, girl finally gave in to peer pressure (and weird looks from strangers) and went to the doctor.

What she was met with is exactly what she was afraid of – a bag full of unpronounceable medicine and not a clear answer to what is precisely wrong with her. Head cold? Probably. Flu? Probably. Insomnia? Yeah, a little bit of that, too. To be clear, we’re not against modern medicine or doctors in any way, we just believe in letting our bodies repair themselves as best they can first. The doctor was a sweet middle aged woman who cracked jokes at the stresses of living in Paris and enjoyed our funny accents when we spoke French.

8 boxes of medicine, one arrêt de travail* and 50 euros later**, girl was back in bed with some homemade soup from boy and an entire season of Mad Men to catch up on.

*A seriously amazing doctor’s note that allows you to miss work in order to help you actually recover. Not working when sick? That’s something we don’t get to do too often back in the big US of A. Plus, in many cases social security will give you partial pay for the days you had to miss.

**Thanks to social security being total pains in the butt, we still haven’t received our medical cards that would make all of this freeeee.

//Photo: Nov 2011 girl’s army of medicine to get her back into tip top shape




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