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Big girl purchase: luggage

Sitting in a room that looks like it was hit by today’s wind storms, girl is desperately searching for something else to think about other than how on earth she is going to pack everything into one suitcase. (Yes, there’s a lot of italics going on here – this is serious business). That said, let’s talk about big purchases: luggage.

Buying luggage is definitely a grown up task and this fact is (proudly, yet harshly) reminding girl that she’s growing up. Some closest to her might find it hard to believe since she can’t even buy a pair of socks without consulting everyone she knows just to make sure they’re just the right pair, but it is true. France is the reason girl has bought the only two pieces of luggage she owns – the first because she needed to take all that stuff back to California, the second because she needed to take all that stuff to France. Packing is no joke. 13 months ago girl was sitting, yes sitting, in the Ross luggage department on Market Street nearly in tears because she couldn’t decide which suitcase was the right one. And boy’s growing irritation at her temper tantrum wasn’t really helping either. Not a proud moment. Well, this time boy is blessed with late nights at work while girl drowns her frustration in sushi and chocolate soy milk. Don’t knock it til you try it!

Feel free to share (vent) if you have any packing horror stories!

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