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Since arriving last Sunday night, things have been flying by. With Christmas in full swing and family to surprise, we’ve hardly had a chance to sit down! We’ll be catching up later but for now, here’s week one in a nutshell. We arrived Sunday night with headaches and ringing ears from crying children on a horrific plane ride and walked into SFO’s new terminal 2. That set the tone for week one – everything looked different. At baggage claim boy’s parents met us with a mandatory hot, cheesy, deep dish Zachary’s pizza. Who cares if it’s messy? Who cares if you need a fork? We didn’t.

Next up was surprising girl’s mom. She had no idea we were in town and we saw it fit to catch her completely off guard. How many times did she look straight at us before realizing her daughter was standing in front of her? Three. Three times. Then? Pause. Jaw drop. “What are you doing here?!” It was classic.

Then straight to Chinese food – our favorite spot, Shen Hua, in Berkeley. Boy was absent for this first meal, but girl ate her fair share with the fam. Mongolian beef, sweet and sour pork, sesame beef and fried rice washed down with a bowl of soup was the perfect way to start off the trip.

After filling up, it was time to dive into Christmas shopping. Running left and right, up and down, city to city. Though it was exhausting, it was nice to take a ride on good ol’ Bart again…so much space, it felt almost luxurious in comparison to our line 13 back in Paris.

//Photos: week one in the Bay






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