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We heart bulk bins

You may be asking yourself why Whole Foods is a blog topic (or maybe you know us and therefore don’t think this is anything out of the ordinary), but as truth would have it, this trip to Whole Foods was ranked in the top five for best moments of Visit Home 2011 for girl, up there with ice skating and burritos!

Two words: bulk bins. We are big fans of the more mom and pop shopping approach that the French take to faire les cours and we love spending weekend mornings perusing the stands at the farmer’s markets but there is something to be said for finding most everything in one place. We don’t know about you, but while living in The Bay we had our grocery shopping routine down pat. One store for this, one store for that, another for that other thing – sounds crazy but it wasn’t at all and we ended up saving loads of money. Yet, girl’s store of choice was Whole Foods. Why? The simple pleasure of being able to buy just what you need, not more, not less, from the bulk bins. Tea, rose petals, quinoa, yogurt covered pretzels…you name it!

Though boy is an in-n-out kind of shopper, girl likes to take her time and wander around…you know, just to make sure she didn’t forget anything ;D Can you spot boy and girl’s mom? Girl was too busy checking out the deals on canned soup…because she needs them in France, of course.

//Photos: Whole Foods trip number 1 Dec 2011 Ashby at Telegraph Ave. Berkeley CA


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