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Good Times

Releasing the inner rockstar

Girl is no stranger to embarrassing herself in public. Proof can be found in years of Halloween costumes, falling down (or up) just about everywhere and an uncontrollable need to Macarena every time the song comes on. And….in the presence of karaoke. For most people, karaoke means excessive drinking and acting like an idiot. For girl, karaoke is just an excuse to let her inner rockstar come out. As anyone who knows girl can vouch, though she thinks she’s Mariah in the shower, she’s far from it. But hey, that’s why karaoke’s there!

So when girl’s friend decided to turn a normal Friday night into a hunt for a karaoke bar, girl was the first on board. Though Paris is not known for its karaoking, we were lucky to find a little gem of a place at Pigalle. L’epoque draws some strange crowds but the song list is over 1000 long and the wine is served in goblet-sized glasses. Can’t beat that.

//Photo: L’epoque 38 Blvd de Clichy Paris 75018 M Pigalle


One thought on “Releasing the inner rockstar

  1. Yuuuup….no Mariah

    Posted by Tankini | February 29, 2012, 18:38

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