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On ne naît pas parisien…on le devient

It’s nothing new that women around the world are obsessed with the allure of the Parisian woman. We’re infatuated with their never-ending style, grace and ability to ride a bike on cobblestone in heels with a cigarette in hand. Okay, maybe that’s just girl. So when someone says, “I thought you were French,” girl’s heart can’t help but skip a little beat. One thing we’ve learned from the past year and a half is that, although you weren’t born with the Parisian blood, you can in fact become Parisian. And after enough time on the metro, you won’t even need to try. C’est naturelle.

This video is a little tribute to what Parisians say…do tell, have you become Parisian afterall?

//Video: mylittleparis.com




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