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Happiness comes in the form of sunshine

Bahja. The joyous one.

After a cold winter and a rough few weeks, girl took a much needed vacation. A normal Friday evening consoling a sad girlfriend took a turn for the adventurous when girl awoke Saturday morning realizing she had bought a plane ticket to Marrakesh. You can’t imagine the number of times she blinked her eyes trying to realize what she had done. Without much time to reflect, she headed home, packed a bag full of bikinis and linen pants and headed to Orly.

We arrived in Marrakesh around 10:30pm and headed to the hotel. Thanks to some serious bartering skills on girl’s gal’s part, we headed down dirt roads and orange fields for half the price the taxi quoted us. Girl watched in amazement. Bartering, a skill much needed. As it was dark, we couldn’t see much but when we awoke (très tôt) we found ourselves in a pretty little oasis.

Ignoring the fact that the service was horrendous and the amount of oil used in the food was scary, it was impossible to complain when the sun was beating down and the temperature hovered around 30 degrees. Girl was happy to eat greasy eggs if it meant she could do it in the sun.

As most of the tourism in Marrakesh comes from France and the vacances scolaires just ended, we were some of the only guests at the hotel. No splashing kids or shouting parents, instead a playlist bumping reggae and old school J-Lo on the loudspeakers allowed for poolside girl talk in bountiful amounts.

After a solid eight hours poolside, we sipped on Moroccan mint tea and hung out in the lounge for a few hours before heading to bed early…there was no way we were going to sleep through the morning sun! The alarm ringing by 7:30 du mat!

A healthy dose of sunshine, piles of Moroccan cake and girl-time left girl feeling like the joyous one.

//Photos: Marrakesh March 2012



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