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Cassis is another word for paradise

The second day of the trip we made our way to Cassis. This is just a taste of Cassis – boy and girl have been a bit lazy in sharing our adventures from when la familia Vasquez was in town but there will be much more of Cassis to share then! That said, this was girl’s second time visiting Cassis and it was just as fantastic as the first!

During the first visit in May we took a tour of the different Calanques de Cassis and noticed that there were people spending the day in these little hidden coves. We couldn’t figure out how they got there and instead spent our afternoon on the beach – hardly a bad alternative. This time, girl’s friend showed her the route and we endeavored on a 90 minute hike in the hills along the water.

Despite the fact that girl wasn’t dressed for the activity and that it was 32 degrees, it was worth the adventure. We found ourselves in a little cove with clear water and spent the afternoon between swimming and napping on the rocks.

//Photos: Calanques de Cassis July 2012



One thought on “Cassis is another word for paradise

  1. IIt sounds like the cove was well worth the hike. Katulad sa (like the) Hundred Islands (perhaps better) when we visited the Philippines. My glorious granddaughter Athena, you look happy. You are living my dream (I almost went to France on a scholarship but I already had your miommy. C’est la vie.

    Posted by Mama | August 5, 2012, 16:24

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