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Cassis is another word for paradise

The second day of the trip we made our way to Cassis. This is just a taste of Cassis – boy and girl have been a bit lazy in sharing our adventures from when la familia Vasquez was in town but there will be much more of Cassis to share then! That said, this was … Continue reading


Every little girl dreams of being a princess. And every woman still has a little girl inside her. What does this equal? Girl still wants to be a princess. Living in a country where castles are sprinkled all over the landscape, there’s a lot of room left to dream and imagine life in another time. … Continue reading

DIY burger style

A burger you can eat with your hands. That’s what you’ll find at Big Fernand. After having spent the last year and a half awkwardly eating our burgers with a fork and knife, trying to fit in with the natives, we were happy to dive into a handful of burger and fries. With just a … Continue reading

Je ne veux pas travailler…

It’s easy to fall in love with Paris in the spring. The flowers start to bloom, the sky shows its blue side for the first time in what feels like forever, sidewalk cafes are full of people having an afternoon apéro and Sundays can be spent lazing around the Tuileries. Or so you think…then the … Continue reading

Happiness comes in the form of sunshine

Bahja. The joyous one. After a cold winter and a rough few weeks, girl took a much needed vacation. A normal Friday evening consoling a sad girlfriend took a turn for the adventurous when girl awoke Saturday morning realizing she had bought a plane ticket to Marrakesh. You can’t imagine the number of times she … Continue reading

On ne naît pas parisien…on le devient

It’s nothing new that women around the world are obsessed with the allure of the Parisian woman. We’re infatuated with their never-ending style, grace and ability to ride a bike on cobblestone in heels with a cigarette in hand. Okay, maybe that’s just girl. So when someone says, “I thought you were French,” girl’s heart … Continue reading

Releasing the inner rockstar

Girl is no stranger to embarrassing herself in public. Proof can be found in years of Halloween costumes, falling down (or up) just about everywhere and an uncontrollable need to Macarena every time the song comes on. And….in the presence of karaoke. For most people, karaoke means excessive drinking and acting like an idiot. For … Continue reading

Girl meets…Brussels

As soon as girl’s British bestie followed her career from Paris to Brussels, girl knew that a little trip to Belgium was in order. To be honnête, since coming to Paris, Brussels had never been a top-spot on the checklist but with the sweet smell of a real Belgium waffle calling her name, she booked … Continue reading

We heart bulk bins

You may be asking yourself why Whole Foods is a blog topic (or maybe you know us and therefore don’t think this is anything out of the ordinary), but as truth would have it, this trip to Whole Foods was ranked in the top five for best moments of Visit Home 2011 for girl, up … Continue reading

We. are. fam. il. y!

Thanks for girl’s sis (making a debut in the background!), the family got to spend some quality holiday time burning off the burritos at the ice rink! Boy had just come off his second hockey game of the day, but that didn’t stop him from skatin’ around with the fam. Nor did it stop the … Continue reading

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