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Every little girl dreams of being a princess. And every woman still has a little girl inside her. What does this equal? Girl still wants to be a princess. Living in a country where castles are sprinkled all over the landscape, there’s a lot of room left to dream and imagine life in another time. … Continue reading

Happiness comes in the form of sunshine

Bahja. The joyous one. After a cold winter and a rough few weeks, girl took a much needed vacation. A normal Friday evening consoling a sad girlfriend took a turn for the adventurous when girl awoke Saturday morning realizing she had bought a plane ticket to Marrakesh. You can’t imagine the number of times she … Continue reading

On ne naît pas parisien…on le devient

It’s nothing new that women around the world are obsessed with the allure of the Parisian woman. We’re infatuated with their never-ending style, grace and ability to ride a bike on cobblestone in heels with a cigarette in hand. Okay, maybe that’s just girl. So when someone says, “I thought you were French,” girl’s heart … Continue reading

Girl meets…Brussels

As soon as girl’s British bestie followed her career from Paris to Brussels, girl knew that a little trip to Belgium was in order. To be honnête, since coming to Paris, Brussels had never been a top-spot on the checklist but with the sweet smell of a real Belgium waffle calling her name, she booked … Continue reading

Redefining dégustation – how much can you taste?

It’s back! Last year we were invited to a little wine expo in Paris. What we didn’t know was that that little expo was actually a treasure chest of wine all for us to try! Okay, well not all…but we sure did carve our way through it! The salon des vins des vingerons indépendants is … Continue reading

Happy Turkey Day!

Okay, so our Thanksgiving isn’t quite as sexy as Marilyn’s (nor is it that easy to find a turkey in Paris), but it will be full of thanks! We’re thankful that we’ve managed to not kill each other after one year of living in a tiny studio, we’re thankful to this crazy city for teaching … Continue reading

What happens when you visit the doc in France

After days of garlic, ginger and old family remedies, girl finally gave in to peer pressure (and weird looks from strangers) and went to the doctor. What she was met with is exactly what she was afraid of – a bag full of unpronounceable medicine and not a clear answer to what is precisely wrong … Continue reading

Bienvenue Beaujolais!

It’s that time again! Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé! As tradition has it, the third Thursday of November marks the end of the wine harvest and a celebration of what is to come. Starting after the end of WWII, the race to bring the wine to Paris has created a highly profitable and festive way … Continue reading

I spy…a pharmacy! And another!

As Americans, November signals the beginning of the holiday season, Thanksgiving, mid-terms and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. As Parisians in training, November has a new significance: the beginning of relentless cold symptoms. Back in California neither of us got sick often – perhaps one killer 24 hour bug and we were done for the … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

Out of our normal Halloween fashion, we are prepping our costumes for ce soir at the last minute! We hope everyone is having a safe and super Happy Halloween! We want to know, what costume ideas did you come up with?

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