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Je ne veux pas travailler…

It’s easy to fall in love with Paris in the spring. The flowers start to bloom, the sky shows its blue side for the first time in what feels like forever, sidewalk cafes are full of people having an afternoon apéro and Sundays can be spent lazing around the Tuileries. Or so you think…then the … Continue reading

What happens when you visit the doc in France

After days of garlic, ginger and old family remedies, girl finally gave in to peer pressure (and weird looks from strangers) and went to the doctor. What she was met with is exactly what she was afraid of – a bag full of unpronounceable medicine and not a clear answer to what is precisely wrong … Continue reading

The city that never sleeps

What happens when your boyfriend forgets to change his watch to Daylight Savings time? You find yourself in the metro station an hour early, frazzled, wishing you could still be in bed. This morning started off like most Monday’s – we had intentions to wake up early and go to the gym, girl is frantically … Continue reading

I spy…a pharmacy! And another!

As Americans, November signals the beginning of the holiday season, Thanksgiving, mid-terms and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. As Parisians in training, November has a new significance: the beginning of relentless cold symptoms. Back in California neither of us got sick often – perhaps one killer 24 hour bug and we were done for the … Continue reading

Pet peeve #7542

Being pushed off the train…when the doors haven’t even opened yet. Anyone who has lived or spent any sizable amount of time in Paris knows exactly what we mean. You’re on the train, it smells like rotten eggs even though it’s 8am, your face is probably in someone’s armpit, there is no where to go … Continue reading

Drugstore love letter

Dear RiteAid, Longs, CVS and every drugstore in America, We have greatly underestimated our appreciation for you. The countless nights you’ve been there when we were craving a box of cereal, forgot to pick up a handle of vodka for a party or had the stomach flu and needed major doses of Sudafed and Tylenol … Continue reading

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