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Cassis is another word for paradise

The second day of the trip we made our way to Cassis. This is just a taste of Cassis – boy and girl have been a bit lazy in sharing our adventures from when la familia Vasquez was in town but there will be much more of Cassis to share then! That said, this was … Continue reading


Every little girl dreams of being a princess. And every woman still has a little girl inside her. What does this equal? Girl still wants to be a princess. Living in a country where castles are sprinkled all over the landscape, there’s a lot of room left to dream and imagine life in another time. … Continue reading

Happiness comes in the form of sunshine

Bahja. The joyous one. After a cold winter and a rough few weeks, girl took a much needed vacation. A normal Friday evening consoling a sad girlfriend took a turn for the adventurous when girl awoke Saturday morning realizing she had bought a plane ticket to Marrakesh. You can’t imagine the number of times she … Continue reading

Girl meets…Brussels

As soon as girl’s British bestie followed her career from Paris to Brussels, girl knew that a little trip to Belgium was in order. To be honnête, since coming to Paris, Brussels had never been a top-spot on the checklist but with the sweet smell of a real Belgium waffle calling her name, she booked … Continue reading

Drugstore love letter

Dear RiteAid, Longs, CVS and every drugstore in America, We have greatly underestimated our appreciation for you. The countless nights you’ve been there when we were craving a box of cereal, forgot to pick up a handle of vodka for a party or had the stomach flu and needed major doses of Sudafed and Tylenol … Continue reading

(Un)productivity at it’s finest

We had plans, ambitious plans for all the things we wanted to do this weekend. Two trips to the gym, going dancing with friends, a long run in the Bois de Boulogne, the Salon du Chocolat and some shopping all made an appearance on the list. Can you guess what was accomplished? Only the little … Continue reading

Technology on hold

Boy and girl are officially going back in time. When we arrived to Paris we lived a while without some basic needs but this time, it’s out of our hands. We went this afternoon to set up a new account for our internet/cable provider and things were going surprisingly well. They didn’t ask us for mountains … Continue reading

The secret garden

Since our schedules are exactly opposite, we usually have only Sunday to spend together so we decided to use this past Sunday to explore the Promenade Plantée. It is an elevated “hidden” walkway that was constructed on top of an old railway built in 1859 that connected the Bastille to Vincennes. It has inspired similar … Continue reading

The look of luxury: Versailles

It is now crystal clear why there was a French Revolution. Crystal clear. Approaching the shiny gold gates of Versailles we knew we were in for a serious slice of history. Each room, each view had it’s own story to tell, or many. Wandering around the palace for a few hours and digesting fact after … Continue reading

[The second] happiest place on earth!

After the vicious stomach flu plague of last weekend, we were determined to get out and have some fun this weekend. The original plan was to head north to Etretat in Normandy but thanks to a rainy forecast we decided to keep it a bit closer to home. Boy came up with a plan that … Continue reading

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