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We. are. fam. il. y!

Thanks for girl’s sis (making a debut in the background!), the family got to spend some quality holiday time burning off the burritos at the ice rink! Boy had just come off his second hockey game of the day, but that didn’t stop him from skatin’ around with the fam. Nor did it stop the … Continue reading

We meet…home

Since arriving last Sunday night, things have been flying by. With Christmas in full swing and family to surprise, we’ve hardly had a chance to sit down! We’ll be catching up later but for now, here’s week one in a nutshell. We arrived Sunday night with headaches and ringing ears from crying children on a … Continue reading

The countdown is on

Well, how about “as much as” a giant burrito? Or “almost as much as” a giant burrito…stuffed with homemade guacamole and hot sauce? The countdown is on, friends, boy and girl are heading back to the homeland for the holidays. All the preparation and planning is to blame for our lack of posting…we’re so excited … Continue reading

Can you Thriller?

We would definitely consider ourselves family people – coming from big, loud and more than often crazy families, we really appreciate the holidays and the chaos that surrounds them. When the fall holidays come rolling around boy typically finds himself hiding out in the garage with his dad so he can avoid helping hang decorations … Continue reading

Be careful what you ask for

We asked for some spice in our lives…and we got it. But not the way we expected. First, we must say that we’re the luckiest couple ever. Our families nurture our cravings for home and love of Target. They kept us warm in the winter by sending flannel pj’s and sweatshirts and they make sure … Continue reading

A day without a mexican

What’s a California girl to do in Paris without some Mexican grub? Bring her own of course! Thanks to boy, we devoured some delish traditional chicken mole and salsa for lunch today – yes, girl did more than just eat – she made tortillas courtesy of a family recipe from Grandmama Vasquez. Where are they? … Continue reading

The look of luxury: Versailles

It is now crystal clear why there was a French Revolution. Crystal clear. Approaching the shiny gold gates of Versailles we knew we were in for a serious slice of history. Each room, each view had it’s own story to tell, or many. Wandering around the palace for a few hours and digesting fact after … Continue reading

Fondu my heart

Want to feel way too full, hot, sweaty and seriously happy? Step into my office. Or, the tiny hole in the wall heaven of fondu, Refuges des Fondus. This place is a good time. A really good time. For under 20 euros a person, you’ll have a full menu including wine (in a glass baby … Continue reading

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