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Happy Turkey Day!

Okay, so our Thanksgiving isn’t quite as sexy as Marilyn’s (nor is it that easy to find a turkey in Paris), but it will be full of thanks! We’re thankful that we’ve managed to not kill each other after one year of living in a tiny studio, we’re thankful to this crazy city for teaching … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

Out of our normal Halloween fashion, we are prepping our costumes for ce soir at the last minute! We hope everyone is having a safe and super Happy Halloween! We want to know, what costume ideas did you come up with?

Can you Thriller?

We would definitely consider ourselves family people – coming from big, loud and more than often crazy families, we really appreciate the holidays and the chaos that surrounds them. When the fall holidays come rolling around boy typically finds himself hiding out in the garage with his dad so he can avoid helping hang decorations … Continue reading

Spice up your life!

France is the Godfather of gastronomy. It’s an age-old fact, so there’s not much need to delve into that right now. What we want to discuss is Mexican food – a favorite subject of ours. There are new Mexican restaurants popping up all over, most are over priced, the rest are a sad, spice-less comparison … Continue reading

You’re a firework, show ’em what you’re worth

One of our favorite days in California is the 4th of July – barbeques with friends, corn on the cob, cold beers, sunshine and world-class fireworks all make for good memories. But since we’re in Paris, we figured we ought to kick it into high gear and do the 14th of July with the same … Continue reading

Ô Château wears stunna shades

Stun•na•sh•ade•s: plural noun: Yay Area slang for large or oversized glasses that are used when pimpin, ghost riding, or going stupid, dumb and hyphy. Ex: He pulled out his stunna shades to look fly when he ghost rides the whip. Tuesday night Ô Château celebrated it’s birthday with a pink party! Pink attire, pink drinks … Continue reading

Rock your socks

Party deets: Saturday, 14ème, wear fantastic socks. Girl is a serious fan of fantastic socks – namely the ones you can find in the Target dollar bin – so any opportunity to sport these bad boys is more than welcomed. Boy is a bit boring on the sock front, so naturally he had to step … Continue reading

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