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DIY burger style

A burger you can eat with your hands. That’s what you’ll find at Big Fernand. After having spent the last year and a half awkwardly eating our burgers with a fork and knife, trying to fit in with the natives, we were happy to dive into a handful of burger and fries. With just a … Continue reading

We heart bulk bins

You may be asking yourself why Whole Foods is a blog topic (or maybe you know us and therefore don’t think this is anything out of the ordinary), but as truth would have it, this trip to Whole Foods was ranked in the top five for best moments of Visit Home 2011 for girl, up … Continue reading

Heaven on earth

…comes in the form of a burrito. After a good visit to Whole Foods, we’d worked up an appetite and drove up to College Ave. for some Mexican delights. Waiting in line with a year’s worth of anticipation, we talked excitedly about what we were going to order in the moments to come! Burritos and … Continue reading

We meet…home

Since arriving last Sunday night, things have been flying by. With Christmas in full swing and family to surprise, we’ve hardly had a chance to sit down! We’ll be catching up later but for now, here’s week one in a nutshell. We arrived Sunday night with headaches and ringing ears from crying children on a … Continue reading

The countdown is on

Well, how about “as much as” a giant burrito? Or “almost as much as” a giant burrito…stuffed with homemade guacamole and hot sauce? The countdown is on, friends, boy and girl are heading back to the homeland for the holidays. All the preparation and planning is to blame for our lack of posting…we’re so excited … Continue reading

Happy Turkey Day!

Okay, so our Thanksgiving isn’t quite as sexy as Marilyn’s (nor is it that easy to find a turkey in Paris), but it will be full of thanks! We’re thankful that we’ve managed to not kill each other after one year of living in a tiny studio, we’re thankful to this crazy city for teaching … Continue reading

Be careful what you ask for

We asked for some spice in our lives…and we got it. But not the way we expected. First, we must say that we’re the luckiest couple ever. Our families nurture our cravings for home and love of Target. They kept us warm in the winter by sending flannel pj’s and sweatshirts and they make sure … Continue reading

Jam packed…in a good way

Girl loves to have too much to do. Boy thinks it’s a bit masochistic of her and her family worries that she loads on more stress than healthy. What does girl think? What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Plus, this is France…there’s always time for a little vacation! So, we’ve piled up a … Continue reading

Fall brings comfort food

What do you do when your food is so good you just want more? Order another one. Well, at least that’s what the guy next to us did. After our taste bud explosion at Silk and Spice we were craving more comfort food and decided to try out a new pizza place – boy’s all … Continue reading

Silk, spice and everything nice

We’re about to make a bold statement. We’ve just had our best meal in Paris – ever. Seriously. Tuesday evening we decided to try out a restaurant that boy spotted walking to work and it was the best, most unexpected surprise! From the outside Silk and Spice looks like many other chic Thai restaurants in … Continue reading

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