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Releasing the inner rockstar

Girl is no stranger to embarrassing herself in public. Proof can be found in years of Halloween costumes, falling down (or up) just about everywhere and an uncontrollable need to Macarena every time the song comes on. And….in the presence of karaoke. For most people, karaoke means excessive drinking and acting like an idiot. For … Continue reading

Redefining dégustation – how much can you taste?

It’s back! Last year we were invited to a little wine expo in Paris. What we didn’t know was that that little expo was actually a treasure chest of wine all for us to try! Okay, well not all…but we sure did carve our way through it! The salon des vins des vingerons indépendants is … Continue reading

Bienvenue Beaujolais!

It’s that time again! Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé! As tradition has it, the third Thursday of November marks the end of the wine harvest and a celebration of what is to come. Starting after the end of WWII, the race to bring the wine to Paris has created a highly profitable and festive way … Continue reading

Jam packed…in a good way

Girl loves to have too much to do. Boy thinks it’s a bit masochistic of her and her family worries that she loads on more stress than healthy. What does girl think? What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Plus, this is France…there’s always time for a little vacation! So, we’ve piled up a … Continue reading

Bike your way through Paris!

One of the quintessential images we get in our minds when we think of Paris is bicycles. A cute girl on a bike with a baguette hanging out of a basket…doesn’t it just shout Paris? And to top it off, it exists! Once you really start to develop an understanding of a place, the facade … Continue reading

You’re a firework, show ’em what you’re worth

One of our favorite days in California is the 4th of July – barbeques with friends, corn on the cob, cold beers, sunshine and world-class fireworks all make for good memories. But since we’re in Paris, we figured we ought to kick it into high gear and do the 14th of July with the same … Continue reading

A slice of traditional pie – firefighter style

Oh, don’t you love tradition? In celebration of Bastille Day, each of the fire stations around Paris holds their annual fundraising ball on July 13th. Some are more notorious than others – some are family affairs, some have scantly clad dancing firemen to pull in that extra cash – but each is a good ol’ … Continue reading

The secret garden

Since our schedules are exactly opposite, we usually have only Sunday to spend together so we decided to use this past Sunday to explore the Promenade Plantée. It is an elevated “hidden” walkway that was constructed on top of an old railway built in 1859 that connected the Bastille to Vincennes. It has inspired similar … Continue reading

Ô Château wears stunna shades

Stun•na•sh•ade•s: plural noun: Yay Area slang for large or oversized glasses that are used when pimpin, ghost riding, or going stupid, dumb and hyphy. Ex: He pulled out his stunna shades to look fly when he ghost rides the whip. Tuesday night Ô Château celebrated it’s birthday with a pink party! Pink attire, pink drinks … Continue reading

Rock your socks

Party deets: Saturday, 14ème, wear fantastic socks. Girl is a serious fan of fantastic socks – namely the ones you can find in the Target dollar bin – so any opportunity to sport these bad boys is more than welcomed. Boy is a bit boring on the sock front, so naturally he had to step … Continue reading

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