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DIY burger style

A burger you can eat with your hands. That’s what you’ll find at Big Fernand. After having spent the last year and a half awkwardly eating our burgers with a fork and knife, trying to fit in with the natives, we were happy to dive into a handful of burger and fries. With just a … Continue reading

Spice up your life!

France is the Godfather of gastronomy. It’s an age-old fact, so there’s not much need to delve into that right now. What we want to discuss is Mexican food – a favorite subject of ours. There are new Mexican restaurants popping up all over, most are over priced, the rest are a sad, spice-less comparison … Continue reading

Impromptu lunch date success

To describe the weather in Paris this summer is simple: horrible. After a few hot and fantastic summers with temperatures resting happily in the high 20s, Paris has decided to take a break. Much to the dismay of girl, may we add. Paris has been playing a game of peek-a-boo, the sun comes out and … Continue reading

Sunday lunchin’

When combating a stomach flu, one of the first things they warn against is eating dairy, seafood and veggies. So, naturally, we ate all of those things. At once. It was a 4 day weekend in France and the weather was spot on – a hot 29+ degrees (we deal in Celsius here and have … Continue reading

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