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Heaven on earth

…comes in the form of a burrito. After a good visit to Whole Foods, we’d worked up an appetite and drove up to College Ave. for some Mexican delights. Waiting in line with a year’s worth of anticipation, we talked excitedly about what we were going to order in the moments to come! Burritos and … Continue reading

Itacate – a Mexican food review

First things first, apologies for the horrible photo quality. The lighting in Itacate wasn’t very camera-friendly. Now on to more important things – Mexican food. As we’ve mentioned before, we are on the hunt for some quality Mexican eats in Paris. We’ve read review after review raving about numerous Mexican restaurants around the city and … Continue reading

Spice up your life!

France is the Godfather of gastronomy. It’s an age-old fact, so there’s not much need to delve into that right now. What we want to discuss is Mexican food – a favorite subject of ours. There are new Mexican restaurants popping up all over, most are over priced, the rest are a sad, spice-less comparison … Continue reading

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