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Fall brings comfort food

What do you do when your food is so good you just want more? Order another one. Well, at least that’s what the guy next to us did. After our taste bud explosion at Silk and Spice we were craving more comfort food and decided to try out a new pizza place – boy’s all … Continue reading

Todo, we’re not near a gym anymore

As Californians, we’ve successfully underestimated the wonders of having a gym as readily available as a Starbucks coffee. Boy and girl had memberships to some of the finest gyms the Bay Area has to offer and we miss them almost as much as a spicy enchilada. Of all the amazing things Paris has to offer, … Continue reading

Carbs, caffeine and carbs

Between the lightning storms and heat waves, enjoying the outdoors in Paris has been risky. With mild temperatures this morning, boy decided we should visit a little breakfast place in Montmartre he tested out with his dad during the family visit. It was a nice treat to take a walk around our neighborhood before the … Continue reading

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