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Every little girl dreams of being a princess. And every woman still has a little girl inside her. What does this equal? Girl still wants to be a princess. Living in a country where castles are sprinkled all over the landscape, there’s a lot of room left to dream and imagine life in another time. … Continue reading

Testing our noses

As boy hopped over to work early, girl decided to have a girl’s afternoon with her aunt and cousin at Musée Fragonard, the perfume museum in Paris. Housed in an old Napoleon style apartment, the museum offers free guided tours Monday-Sunday so we took advantage to learn a bit about the history and process of … Continue reading

An afternoon at Musée Bourdelle

Following breakfast in Montmartre yesterday, girl decided to introduce boy to a little lesson in French fashion history. Of course he just loves it when she does this. We headed over to Musée Bourdelle, former home of French painter and sculptor, Antoine Bourdelle, to see the Madame Grès exhibit. The exhibit took on an interesting … Continue reading

A view from the top

Okay, we’ll come out and just say it: the Eiffel Tower is ugly. It’s a huge mass of brown metal that is plopped right in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. But as much as we’d like to hate on it, it must be said that it is equally extraordinary. It is a symbol … Continue reading

The look of luxury: Versailles

It is now crystal clear why there was a French Revolution. Crystal clear. Approaching the shiny gold gates of Versailles we knew we were in for a serious slice of history. Each room, each view had it’s own story to tell, or many. Wandering around the palace for a few hours and digesting fact after … Continue reading

Long time coming

Since leaving for Paris we have talked about blogging out our adventures – an online journal of the twists and turns of living life as California transplants in Paris. Well, seven months later, here it is. Inspired by a host of laughs, cries and full-on hair pulling experiences, Girl Meets Boy Meets Paris is here … Continue reading

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