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What happens when you visit the doc in France

After days of garlic, ginger and old family remedies, girl finally gave in to peer pressure (and weird looks from strangers) and went to the doctor. What she was met with is exactly what she was afraid of – a bag full of unpronounceable medicine and not a clear answer to what is precisely wrong … Continue reading

I spy…a pharmacy! And another!

As Americans, November signals the beginning of the holiday season, Thanksgiving, mid-terms and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. As Parisians in training, November has a new significance: the beginning of relentless cold symptoms. Back in California neither of us got sick often – perhaps one killer 24 hour bug and we were done for the … Continue reading

Be careful what you ask for

We asked for some spice in our lives…and we got it. But not the way we expected. First, we must say that we’re the luckiest couple ever. Our families nurture our cravings for home and love of Target. They kept us warm in the winter by sending flannel pj’s and sweatshirts and they make sure … Continue reading

Jam packed…in a good way

Girl loves to have too much to do. Boy thinks it’s a bit masochistic of her and her family worries that she loads on more stress than healthy. What does girl think? What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Plus, this is France…there’s always time for a little vacation! So, we’ve piled up a … Continue reading

Cerles de la forme

We finally buckled down and joined a gym. As we said before, we’ve had a difficult time finding a healthy balance this past year. Girl has a hereditary sweet tooth – if she blames it on someone else, it’s not as bad right? – and boy loves heavy foods covered in cheese, with some duck … Continue reading

Market slimdown: back to basics

Confession I: girl is a recent vegetable eater. This fact has caused a lot of grief over the years. “You don’t eat carrots? But everyone eats carrots!” After meeting an inspiring Southern belle of a vegetarian, girl decided to give it a try…for 40 straight days. Aka: no meat. Confession II: in the boy-girl house, … Continue reading

Todo, we’re not near a gym anymore

As Californians, we’ve successfully underestimated the wonders of having a gym as readily available as a Starbucks coffee. Boy and girl had memberships to some of the finest gyms the Bay Area has to offer and we miss them almost as much as a spicy enchilada. Of all the amazing things Paris has to offer, … Continue reading

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