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You’re a firework, show ’em what you’re worth

One of our favorite days in California is the 4th of July – barbeques with friends, corn on the cob, cold beers, sunshine and world-class fireworks all make for good memories. But since we’re in Paris, we figured we ought to kick it into high gear and do the 14th of July with the same … Continue reading

The look of luxury: Versailles

It is now crystal clear why there was a French Revolution. Crystal clear. Approaching the shiny gold gates of Versailles we knew we were in for a serious slice of history. Each room, each view had it’s own story to tell, or many. Wandering around the palace for a few hours and digesting fact after … Continue reading

We chill

We love Paris in the fall. There’s nothing quite like seeing the city turn to slush and snow. But summer is what made us fall in love with this city. Girl appreciates the heat a bit more than boy, but it’s sitting on the terrace with the sun shining, hanging out in the park with … Continue reading

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