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Redefining dégustation – how much can you taste?

It’s back! Last year we were invited to a little wine expo in Paris. What we didn’t know was that that little expo was actually a treasure chest of wine all for us to try! Okay, well not all…but we sure did carve our way through it! The salon des vins des vingerons indépendants is … Continue reading

Bienvenue Beaujolais!

It’s that time again! Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé! As tradition has it, the third Thursday of November marks the end of the wine harvest and a celebration of what is to come. Starting after the end of WWII, the race to bring the wine to Paris has created a highly profitable and festive way … Continue reading

Ô Château wears stunna shades

Stun•na•sh•ade•s: plural noun: Yay Area slang for large or oversized glasses that are used when pimpin, ghost riding, or going stupid, dumb and hyphy. Ex: He pulled out his stunna shades to look fly when he ghost rides the whip. Tuesday night Ô Château celebrated it’s birthday with a pink party! Pink attire, pink drinks … Continue reading

It’s 5pm somewhere…

For a while, it was our Sunday tradition to go to a marché near Bastille and swing by the Baron Rouge for a glass of wine after. Okay, so it was 11am…it’s 5pm somewhere…and honestly, you’d never know it was morning with the crowds that fill up the joint every weekend. In the winter, the … Continue reading

Le Square

Celebrating a rare moment when boy has the night off, we headed over to Le Square – a little “resto” across the street from our apartment. A locals only kind of spot, we were definitely the only non-French in the place. Our idea of perfect. For months we have wondered how this place has managed … Continue reading

Sunday lunchin’

When combating a stomach flu, one of the first things they warn against is eating dairy, seafood and veggies. So, naturally, we ate all of those things. At once. It was a 4 day weekend in France and the weather was spot on – a hot 29+ degrees (we deal in Celsius here and have … Continue reading

Fondu my heart

Want to feel way too full, hot, sweaty and seriously happy? Step into my office. Or, the tiny hole in the wall heaven of fondu, Refuges des Fondus. This place is a good time. A really good time. For under 20 euros a person, you’ll have a full menu including wine (in a glass baby … Continue reading

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